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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly Interactive Web Page for marketing in 2 Km radius

Everyone knows that online presence is necessary for all business in today’s day and age. Now Fitness centers don’t have to spend thousands of rupees to create websites and spend further more for SEO and search engine friendliness. Fitraq offers an elaborative standardized web page that lets the target audience in your area to book trial sessions, share their reviews, view your ongoing campaigns/discount schemes and even negotiate with you. Plus you have complete control on the content of your own personalized webpage.

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FiTraQ Pro provides call centre support to track, follow-up and converts your sales leads to actual sales.

You can view the progress and interaction on cloud based dashboard from anywhere. Our team of expert callers not only helps to get the conversion but also gather relevant feedback from all leads.

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Automate attendance for members and staff with integrated hardware (Tablet / Biometric) to control gym access to required members only and control absenteeism.

FiTraQ’s exclusive hardware with integrated software not only captures attendance but also follows up on absenteeism, which is a primary symptom of any member who is about to leave. The hardware also forms the basis for a lot of other functionalities like payment linked access control and workout control.

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Member Management & Retention

Digitizing member records for better tracking and follow up. Also, retain High Risk Members proactively

: It usually cost 4 times the usual to regain a lost member. We proactively manage your High Risk Members through our Artifical Intelligence based predictive algorithm and save you thousands of rupees every month.

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Automated communication

Automated SMS and Email for prospects, new members, birthdays, anniversaries, fee reminder, class updates, absenteeism etc. on real time basis.

Regular and constant communication is maintained with all your members for different instances. Even if you forget, we don’t. You can easily manage all communication with your prospects, current and ex-members for better connect.

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Analytics and Business Metrics

We provide you metrics that help you make better business decision.

All metrics that impact your fitness business are provided to you on the palm of your hand and you will look at your business like never before. We provide you a very interactive dashboard to view the overall health of your business at any given time.

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Manage multiple branches remotely

We want to partner you in long terms and hence will continue to support you through your growth.

You can remotely view and manage multiple branches on any device (Mobile phone/laptop/desktop/tablet).

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      2,000 month
      (Package Duration: 12 Months)
      • Analytics and Profile Management
      • Member Management
      • Attendance
      • Finance
      • Classes & Schedule
      • Manage multiple branches
      • Automated communication
      • 2000 SMS Pack/month
      • Banner Advertising for 1 month worth INR 3500
      • Caller support
      • Social Media & content marketing support
  • hardware preloaded with FiTraQ Pro
  • Feature Tablet Biometric
    Automated attendance tracking
    Realtime dashboard update
    Absenteeism follow-up
    Staff Attendance
    Payment Linked Access Control
    Finger Scan
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